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We offer seasonal rentals in the beautiful Central Catskill Mountains. Our minimum rental period is 1 month. We do not rent for shorter periods.

The houses and apartments we rent are private homes. Please take good care of them, be considerate and rather ask than anticipate in case you are unsure about handling a certain situation.

In order to make your stay a pleasant experience for both you and the homeowners please carefully read the following policies and procedures .

Here are important policies and procedures:

  • Seasonal rentals require a minimum stay of 1 month for most houses, sometimes more, please check under each listing.

  • The rent usually includes heat and electricity up to a set amount, still this is individually different, please check under each listing. Please note that merely introduces the homeowner and tenant through our various marketing efforts for which we receive a fee from the homeowner. Any formal agreements will therefore be signed between the homeowner and tenant without the involvement of

  • The entire seasonal rent will be prepaid incl. a one month security deposit and if required any kind of a pet deposit and is due upon signing of the lease agreement.

  • The tenant has to have liability/damage insurance in place.

  • The security deposit is returned by the landlord after the rental. It is held by the landlord, not by The amount you receive back is depending on whether the house is returned in the agreed about condition, clean, without damages, heat, electric and all other agreed expenses (i.e. plowing, mowing, cleaning etc) paid for or amount staying within the agreed limits.

  • To hold the rental property until lease is signed a 10% deposit is required. If you cancel 45 days or less days prior to the start of the rental term your deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations after a lease has been signed have an additional $250 fee minimum. If you cancel 30-60 days prior to the start of the rental the owner has the right to hold 50% of your rent. If you cancel within 30 days of the start of the rental the owner has the right to hold the complete rent. If the house is rebooked the owner will refund the rent less $350 admin fee.

  • There is a cleaning fee of $75 for each house which will also be paid in advance at lease signing - but you are still expected to leave the house as you found it. If you moved furniture - please put it back. If a sofa bed was used, please leave it as a sofa not a bed. Run the dishwasher before you leave and leave the fridge unplugged and open or plugged in and closed. The owner will supply notes in each house for further instructions.

  • Some of our homeowners allow pets. If anyone in your party is allergic to pets, please take this into consideration when choosing the home you would like to rent. Please see "Dogs and Cats" further down. No reptiles, insects, birds, rodents etc.

  • Children: most of our homeowners love and allow children, however not always of any age. Some houses are not suitable for young children. If you have children we anticipate that you instruct them to respect the owner's property. Please always remember that a bad experience might lead the owner to prohibit children in the future so the future enjoyment of others is your responsibility. Damages and additional/special cleaning is deducted from your security deposit.

  • Cell phone service is very spotty and not guaranteed at any home. Some houses have phone access restricted to local calling. Most houses require that you use a calling card for all your long distance calls.  Please ask the home owner before you rent.

  • Internet access is available in some houses, sometimes wireless. Please check the individual listing for this feature. You will then find instruction as how to hook up to Internet Service and at what cost.

The owner will provide a list of instructions to make sure your stay is pleasant. Here are some general highlights:

Some houses have arranged for garbage pick up. Others ask you to bring your garbage to the transfer station. Please ask the owner up front.

We have a strict no smoking policy for all homes
Never in the house or any enclosed porch. If you smoke outside, please dispose of cigarettes. A homeowner will find it very disappointing to find cigarettes after snow melt in spring and it is not healthy for the wild life either.

Bringing Your Dog or Cat?
Most home owners allow pets. Please make yourself familiar with the following rules:

  • If you own a dog or cat an additional prepaid cleaning fee of $100 after having used the house with a pet applies. Please check each listing for further specifications.

  • Pets must have had a flea/tick treatment at least three days but not more than thirty days prior to their arrival at the house.

  • All feces must be picked up and disposed of - not by throwing into the woods but in a bag and in the trash inside the larger garbage bag.  There will be an inspection of the house and the grounds after your departure. If somebody else has to take care of animal feces a fee of $100 will be deducted from your security deposit.

  • Please make sure that pets stay off the furniture and please NEVER have a pet with you in bed. If linens are soiled/damaged/smelling the owner has the right to buy new ones at your expense and deduct the amount from your security deposit. Please have your pet kenneled or confined in a bathroom or the kitchen when left alone in the house. 

  • We have bears, coyotes, porcupines and skunks in our mountains and woods. Please keep the number of the local veterinarian and an emergency clinic in reach.  If your pet bites into a porcupine you have to bring it to a vet to have the quills pulled out. If your pet gets skunked please do not leave them in any other room than the bath or garage/mud room until proper treatment. Best is always: NEVER LET YOUR PET OUT ALONE! 

  • Cats are hardly ever allowed in rental homes. Cat allergies are on the rise so please inquire first. Cats need to stay in a crate when left alone. If your pet has an accident please clean with vinegar and soap as thorough as possible. Please remember that you are responsible for the house. If the homeowners have a bad experience they might now allow pets anymore.

Pests and nuisances

If you see signs of mice, ants etc please inform the owner IMMEDIATELY.  Please keep the home clean, dispose of trash regularly and don't have crumbs etc laying on the floor.

Never leave a trash can open or leave the BBQ un cleaned outside, do not use bird feeders, you might ask for a bear visit.

Following the above policies will insure that your stay in the beautiful Catskill Mountains is a pleasant one that you hopefully will enjoy again and again.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call me 845 586 2323.


Bob & Lola Kurtzer

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